Pathways For All People is located in quiet residential streets
and close to Bournemouth's beaches where clients often go to relax in their free time

Welcome to Pathways For All People

Based in Bournemouth, Pathways for all People is a registered Charity, offering accommodation and support through a holistic approach  to cater for the whole person's individual needs for those in early recovery from addiction. The list below highlights what we believe to be some of the key points of Pathways For All People:

  • Pathways For All People aims to develop an effective response to all Service Users, by offering a structured program which is tailored to suit individuals needs with substance misuse problems wherever possible.

  • We offer a welcoming environment with separate housing, clinical groups and one-to-one settings for males and females in a warm homely atmosphere. All Service Users retain their benefits and budgeting support is given.

  • Care and support can be provided from Primary treatment through to Third stage and resettlement allowing the service user to build a new and stable life over a period of 6-9 months.

  • All Service Users receive frequent random drug and alcohol testing.

  • Our holistic approach covers various group sessions including, group therapy, workshops, relapse-prevention programmes, an optional 12-step program, art therapy and life skills.

  • The aim of Pathways For All People’s therapeutic interventions is to help Service Users to explore addiction issues, with the hope of moving on to a positive healthy lifestyle. Pathways For All People aims to achieve this by encouraging self-belief, positive self-regard and developing self confidence and motivation through setting achievable goals.

  • Other issues Pathways For All People explores within a group setting include: insight into addiction and triggers, the cycle of change and peer evaluations, while art therapy allows Service Users to use collage as a tangible tool to express their thoughts and feelings which otherwise may be difficult to voice.

  • All Service Users have regular counseling and key-work sessions, which lean towards the cognitive-behavioural and motivational approach.

  • Pathways For All People also provides college opportunities and job search techniques by working alongside outside agencies, with a view to optional voluntary work, one of which is working on a farm.

  • Pathways For All People offer resettlement support to allow a safe transition from a therapeutic environment to independent living.

  • Vision

    To provide a seamless cloth by motivating people aged between 18-64 to overcome addictions and barriers, to progress and manage a fulfilled life. To provide a comprehensive programme of treatment thus enabling Service Users to examine their past with clarity and honesty and to understand the consequences of previous choices.


    Pathways For All People conducts all of its activities based on ethical values. We recognise that people of all or no faith can hold values equally. read more